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Email Filtering

The process of email filtering is more common than many people know.

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If you are interested in receiving all your email, it is best that you use a service that does not filter your email. This is particularly important when you are interested in buying or selling something. And it is also important if you subscribe to tutorial series or email news services. AND PRICE LISTS THAT YOU ASK FOR ARE FILTERED. You will not get them!

This page discusses the practical aspects of email filtering and gives you some guidance as how to avoid it.

Here is a practical example. If I send mail to people with AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and/or Gmail that contains the wrong words, the mail does not get through. The wrong words include words used in every day commercial transactions and in everyday news articles. (You can see more detail by reading the information in this link. For more detail, go to Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail Users.) And you will not know it. If you are in business, your clients may not get mail that you send them. So you should know how to help them get mail from you.

Email filtering like this is not limited to those services just mentioned. It applies to almost all of the email services.

If you, however, use a professional website host and use an email address, with your own domain name, you will get all your email and you also get services that allow you to control spam.

Below this is information about filtering.



But first let's recommend what you should do.

If you are going to be in business but do not yet have a domain name, this is important information. If Your Are In Business

In any case, get a company name or domain name that you can use for your email. Here is a video on how to choose one. Tips On Registering Company Name

In fact, the easiest way to get around email filtering is to use a budget host that gives you unlimited email addresses. Here is a link to some that you can consider. Web Hosts

Report On eMail Filtering

54% of Permission Emailers Are Filtered as Spammers: Including AOL News, Wal-Mart, IBM and the Federal Government

According to a Pivotal Veracity study, permission email from these and 50 more big organizations is being filtered as "junk" by AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and/or Gmail. Are you tearing your hair out worrying about filters stopping your email messages to your house opt-in list?

Results from a six-week study conducted by Pivotal Veracity, and released exclusively to MarketingSherpa today, reveal that you're in very distinguished company indeed.

Turns out 54 major mailers from AARP to The Wedding Channel can't get their permission email messages past filters at Hotmail, Yahoo, and/or Gmail all the time either. Even AOL's own outgoing email newsletter department couldn't get all of its bulk mailings past other ISPs' filters.

Plus, even worse news, 18% of filtered messages were transactional -- such as Welcome messages to new opt-ins.

For more details on how the study was conducted and findings, scroll down to the end of this story for a link to your PDF copy. In the meantime, here's our quick summary of findings:

Names of 54 mailers whose mail was filtered
Non-profit & Govt
American Red Cross
Federal Government: Department of Education
Federal Government: FDA
National Geographic
Juniper Networks
Postini (yes, the filtering company)
1800 Flowers
Academy Sports & Outdoor
Coldwater Creek
Domino's Pizza
DVD (Infinity Resources)
LL Bean
Marks & Spencer
Neiman Marcus
Smart Bargains
The Wedding Channel
Other Business-to-Consumer
American Consumer Opinion (Decision Analyst)
Home Gain
Johnson & Johnson
Postmaster Direct (double opt-in list)
Agora Publishing
AOL's CityGuide
Discovery Networks
The Motley Fool
The Wall Street Journal


It is only logical that these services engage in email filtering. First, by their terms of service that every user agrees to when the user subscribes, they are not supposed to be used for commercial purposes. So why should they not filter out anything that looks commercial. And people want the commercial mail filtered out. But at the same time, they do not understand the extent to which their email is censored/filtered. They think that they have a good deal with free or low cost email and ignore the terms of service to which they agreed. So their mail is censored.

If you are going to do anything that would send any email that looks commercial, or expect any mail from someone that contains anything business related, it is best to get an email service that allows you to control what you want to receive.