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 About Faberge Style Egg Christmas Ornaments

The ornaments that you see in this video are glass ornaments that are decorated in the fashion of the Faberge eggs.

They are high quality, hand blown ornaments. They are blown so there is no seam in order that when painted and decorated, there is an absolutely smooth surface. There is no unsightly line around the ornament that one would see on a moulded ornament.

These ornaments are made by highly skilled Eastern European craftsmen who, as part of a family tradition, have been making some of the finest ornaments in the world for many years.

More About Faberge Style Egg Ornaments

These are art glass ornaments. Though many people consider them Christmas ornaments they are more than that.

They are art and they are treated and sold as art.

When hung individually they are often displayed in jewelry shops, galleries and in china closets.

The ornaments are collectors items. They can be seen in collectors' offices and homes.

You are invited to first review the video to see some of the ornaments firsthand and then to read the information below.




These ornaments sell all year round in jewelry shops, galleries and Christmas shops. They do well in tourist areas where people look for something different.

The detail and quality of these ornaments means that each ornament takes a lot of time to complete. They cannot be decorated in one pass as several layers of decoration have to be applied. So production time on any order is longer than the typical production time for other glass ornaments.

There are order minimum requirements for these ornaments. Generally you must order at least 10 of each piece.

There are a couple small companies that produce egg ornaments and sometimes they will ship from stock. There are still order minimums in terms of total order volume.

If you would like information about buying these ornaments wholesale, you can get it by going to the Poland Chamber request for quotation service and entering as complete data as possible. A factory representative will contact you to answer your questions, provide price lists and delivery information .Go to Request For Quotation

You are also pointed to a Christmas Ornament Procurement Service.