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This page shows you how to find real drop shippers with all the products that you need.

dropshipping guide

As we point out in our book the dropship guide, there are drop shippers all around you. And they want to find you as well you want to find them. Why do they want to find you? It's simply because you will be a sales agent for them and increase their sales.

If you keep that in mind you'll see that anyone who wants to sell something can be a drop shipper for you. That means even the local computer shop can be a dropship supplier for you.

We go into this in great detail in the dropship guide you that you can find by clicking on the image to the right. And if you are looking for drop shippers now, it might be appropriate that you read that so that you do not waste time in getting your dropship business started

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Having said that, there are two main sources of drop shipping products that are used by Internet savvy marketers.

The first source is Amazon. People buy Amazon products and Amazon allows you to set up a very simple drop shipping site that cost you next to nothing to get online and to start making money. There is a link to a book on how to do that.

But beyond that, marketers read the dropship directories .They know that they are well policed by the directory makers and that they can generally get good contacts to good people who are reliable drop shippers.

There are several good dropship directories and you can see this page. Drop Ship Directories

However, one of the most popular is put out by Worldwide Brands. They have an excellent reputation. does seem to drop shippers that they recommend Go Here.