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About Using Free Email Accounts

Free email accounts are not business accounts. They are free stationary just like you get in a motel. They have the same image as free stationary and they provide advertising for the host just as free stationary provides advertising for the motel.

Free email accounts not only make you look like a cheapskate who knows nothing about marketing and branding, they come with filtering systems that prevent you from getting all your commercial mail from customers and suppliers.

Professionals on the internet know that free email accounts are one of the first indicia of fraud. They are wary of people who use free email accounts in business.

We are often told, "Everybody uses them." Sorry, but everybody does not use them in business. They are the mark of an uncommitted amateur or someone who is trying to hide something. Those are the "everybody' who use them in business.

They are fine for personal correspondence. They are not at all good for your business.

For you to get customers on the web you have to establish trust. You have to show people that you are permanent and not a temporary. You have to show that you are going to treat them like a professional would. If you do not, you will not sell very much, if anything at all.

There are technical reasons as well.

Free email accounts hosts censor your mail. They stop it if they do not like the words in it. They do not allow it to reach you. You never see it.

They stop some of your orders, commercial corresponded, requests for information and so on. That loses you customers and suppliers.

But in general, to us, when we see a person using free email in business we know they are not going to be around very long. And if you are using free email for business and not something over your own domain, that includes you.

Here is information about how they censor your mail. Email Filtered

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