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About Using Public Email Services For Business

If you are using a public email service such as hotmail, gmail, yahoo and AOL for business you are hurting yourself.

And if you do not believe that you are hurting yourself, you are kidding yourself.

First you do NOT get all mail sent to you.

Business related mail is often filtered and you NEVER see it.

That means that you:

Don't see all responses to your emails,

Don't get all business related email that you want,

Don't get turorial lessons,

Don't get business update newsletters



There is no doubt that if you are just starting in business, you may use one of these until you get set up. And no one will hold that against you as long as you SAY that you are in startup.

But that does not solve the other issues. YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE YOUR BUSINESS MAIL!

And that includes mail from this Chamber or responses from factories.

Here is some information you should read for a deeper discussion and solutions.

Get Professional Or Get Ignored

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