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Free Telephone Calls

About free telephone calls for business and travel.

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With technology what it is and the Internet what it is, there is no reason that you should have to pay for most of the telephone calls. Of course, this assumes that you are going to communicate with established businesses and travel related services.

We say that because the recipient of your phone call sure to have a computer.

it is not too much to expect other factory or a business to have a computer available to take a telephone call why it one of the voice over Internet protocol systems such as Skype.

These systems are free to install and easy to use. But if the customer will factory does not have Skype installed, you can still save a lot of money by using Skype to call an off-line or mobile phone number. the calls may not be free, but the savings can be astounding.



if you click on the image to be above on the right-hand side you will be taken to a page that tells you how to call Poland free. in that page there is a complete breakdown of about how to use the skype system.

you can call us free by using Skype. Our site identification number is Paul Chan. You can also call us by our off-line telephone numbers that are also Skype numbers. We maintain a Skype number in Poland and one in United States.

You can find that information through our contact page.

It does not take much equipment is set up to use the Skype system. We use a wireless earphone and speaker and makes it very convenient. We don't have to bother with headsets for anything else and we don't have to be next to the computer.

So don't waste money, use of voice over Internet protocol systems such as Skype to make free telephone calls.