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Gel Candles

This page provides gel candle information, some sample pictures and the ability to contact factories directly to buy gel candles wholesale.

The designs keep changing and it is not practical to list everything as they make changes. So we show you a nice collection and will work with you if you are interested in this product line.

The gel candles shown are made by one factory. There are other factories with different offers. But since this one is quite popular, we show you these candle as examples.

For complete information and the ability to buy gel candles wholesale, use the links below the video.

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Gel candles are a good addtion to any offering of gifts. They are good impulse buy items to be placed at gift counters in restaurants. They do very well in tourist areas.

The gel candles with the sea shells are very good additions at sea shore toutist areas.

Distributorships are available.

If you are buying gel candles, or any other product for the first time, we recommend that you use a procurement service.

To contact factories directly, to discuss distribution or to get any other information about gel candles or any other candles, use the Free Information Service.