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Polish Art Glass, Hand Blown and Machine Formed Glass From Poland.

There are two basic ways that decorative glass is made in Poland. The way it is made determines price and quality. The processes are hand formed and machine formed.

engraved glass set
Engraved Glass Set

Hand formed glass can be used for production items such as high quality glasses and vases. And hand forming is the basic method used by Polish artists who have made Poland famous for its creative and high quality art glass.

Use this page to get help and information about particular products. And there is some important information about importing glass from Poland.

Polish glass has the reputation of being some of the finest in the world. Many companies in Europe subcontract their production to factories in Poland. And much of that is sold under brand names that are very familiar.




Special Note About Glass

The glass business in Poland is diverse and dynamic. The larger companies all have web sites that are easily found on the web.

There are, however, many specialty companies that supply limited markets and product lines. Their web sites often a bit more difficult to find because they get buried in the search engines by the big trade portals that make it difficult to get the information that you need.

As you search you will find that there are many factories and each has its own requirements for order minimums, its own specialties, its own quotation process.

If you are interested in having something made to your own design, please note that you will have to pay up front for a mold. Additionally, there may be additional design costs plus very significant order minimums.

If you are interested in machine formed or products typically found in the large retail chains, we recommend to you to go directly to the manufacturer's web site. If you are interested in small quantities of this type product, small meaning less than 1,000 or any one item, then you should contact a local distributor.

In this page we have listed some glass suppliers that offer products that you don't always see in the large retail chains. And it is generally hand formed.

Your needs may be satisfied by looking at the glass products below..



Glass Details


Hand formed Polish products are famous for their very high quality. Because of their high standards and reliability, Polish glass factories manufacture for others like LSA International. Many other famous glass and local brands are subcontract manufactured in Poland. If you wish your own brand, you are more than welcome to make a proposal. You can even have your own limited edition art glass made.

Polish art glass is also world famous for its creativity and quality. Art galleries know that the place to find top quality products is in Poland. And you can find a lot of that in this page.

Machine formed glass is also well done. This glass is typically used for high production, low cost vases and glasses. Even though it is machine formed, such glass made in Poland retains its reputation for high quality.

Many Polish glass factories are concentrated in Krosno, Poland. The Krosno region and Krosno glass is well known. Krosno glass, as it is internationally known, is hand decorated by many Polish artists and sold to discriminating Polish art glass collectors.


Glass Resources

There are many large and small glass suppliers in Poland. Below we have listed information about some.

Clear Glass

Krosno GlassesSuch items as flower vases and drinking glasses are typically machine formed. Factories producing this type product generally have high minimum order requirements. For small pieces the minimum is often 1,000 of any one item. For larger pieces, the minimum is often at least one pallet load.

Even though Polish glass is generally more expensive than the glass coming out of the Far East, many have found that ordering from a factory that is closer has definite advantages. And they find that there are other good reasons to deal with Poland.

Factories generally do not publish catalogs, but rather provide information in response to a specific request. Orders are negotiated projects and you will get pictures of pieces that meet your general requests.

We recommend the best way to get order service is to contact the factories directly with a request for quotation.



Eco, Decorated And Art Glass

In this section there is specific information about some factories that provide specialty products.


Table Top Items Made From 100% Recycled Glass

This company offers a few hundred designs for vases, pitchers and other table top glass items. All products are hand blown from 100% recycled glass. The offering is large enough to satisfy most customer demands.

The factory requires minimum orders of anywhere from 600 pieces of any one item on up. They prefer total orders of at least one truckload.

Note that if you are a distributor, this presents you an opportunity to offer these products to your regional market in smaller quantities than the factory minimums. You can also act as a master distributor. See Master Distributor.

recycled glass

A catalog is available for download in pdf format. Eco Glass Catalog


Hand Blown Art Glass

This glass is produced in a small factory in the mountains of Southern Poland. The factory has been around for a long time and the glass blowers are truly Old World Artists.

Here is a link to a video we shot when we found the factory on a tour of Southern Poland.

They have a large collection of figurines as well as the vases shown here.

blown art glass vases

A catalog is available if you use the Poland Chamber free information service. Be sure to request the catalog for this specific product.


Hand Formed Art Glass

For glass paperweights, unique vases and bottles, and decorative items, it is hard to beat what this company offers.

hand formed glass

A catalog is available if you use the Poland Chamber free information service. Be sure to request the catalog for this specific product.



Amber And Silver Decorated Glass

amber decorated bowl

This product is an excellent choice for any gift shop. It is top quality and particularly well suited for wedding and anniversary gifts.




Hand Made Art Glass

hand made art glass vasePoland is famous for its small factories that make creative art glass. In this page you find information about the products from an art glass studio that makes an interesting line of high quality art glass.




Garden Waterers And Globes

gazing globe

This line of products is extremely popular. The products are uniquely Polish and derive from the old beliefs in garden fairies.






Hand Painted Glass Dessert Sets And Candle Holders

hand painted dessert setWhen people look for gifts, they generally want something different. And they want something that will be remembered. This is one of those glass items that will make a difference.




Art Glass By Rogi

art glass vasesA fine line of art glass from a small factory near Krosno, Poland. It is attractively priced and a good choice for any gift shop.





Art Glass Fantazja By Apex

Fantaszja vasesHand decorated Krosno glass. Very high quality. Unique to Poland.








Garden Waterers, Gazing Globes and Oil Lamps

garden watererThe history of Europe records that gazing globes attract fairies, and other wonderful garden spirits. Gazing globes mounted on hand made and creative artwork of metal and stone have added color and spirit to European gardens for centuries. Use gazing globes to add color to your garden, make your pond light and sprightly, keep water in your bird fountain or add that special lighting to your garden or walkway. You can add an electric bulb to the bulb and light your walkway or table. They can even be lighted and hung from the ceiling. (EU and UL approved wiring kits are available.)




Decorative Globes

The decorative globes in this page are high quality, hand formed and hand colored glass from the Krosno region of Poland. The globes listed here are used as hanging planters, pond floaters and patio, trellis and plant and shrubbery hangers.

Gazing Globes

In this page you find information about Gazing Globes, also known as decorative garden globes. These are high quality, hand formed and hand colored globes that are made by a small company near the famous glass region of Krosno, Poland.

Watering Balls

Watering balls are functional household items that are somewhat like potato chips. You can't stop after one. Once someone has one, they usually come back for more.


There are, of course, many other glass offerings. If there are particular companies you would like to contact or have other requests for information, send us information through our Help Center.