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Hand Carved Boxes From Poland

hand carved wooden box

Poland is famous for its hand carved wooden boxes. They come in many colors shapes and sizes. They are the product of a cottage industry that tends to be located in the famous Tatra Mountains of Poland where the country folk have a tradition of wood carving and spend their time carving figures in boxes that they sell individually in the local tourist markets and to Polish folk art distributors who buy the boxes from the people and resell them to wholesalers.

There are, of course, some companies that employ woodcarvers and carve wooden boxes to order. In some cases these people work at one location and in other cases they work from their homes and make boxes according to plans and models provided to them.

The hand carved wooden boxes from Poland are used for a for everything from jewelry boxes, cigar humidors doors to pet remains.

Larger manufacturers make wooden boxes for alcohol companies and other companies needing high quality products for special presentation.



There are thousands of patterns and colors available. Many people around the world collect the boxes and have extensive collections to which they continually add new pieces.

Perhaps the most favored use of the hand carved wooden box is for a jewelry box. Many people buy presentation jewelry such as Polish amber and silver jewelry and present the gift in a special hand carved box. Such a method of presentation adds that little extra to make a nice piece of jewelry so much more memorable.

If you come to Poland, you will find that you can get boxes in many places in the major cities. Each shop or selling point is likely to have many different choices for you to make.

And if you need commerical production for a product line, Polish factories provide top quality products.

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