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Hand Cut Crystal

Poland is famous for its hand cut crystal. The crystal workers in Poland pride themselves in being artisans and work toward maintaining the high quality standards that Polish hand formed and hand cut crystal has had for hundreds of years. jardiniere

High quality blanks are available made to our specifications or yours. If you wish to have a broken piece duplicated, or even an antique reproduced, it can be done.

If you wish your own custom line of crystal, there are manufactuers who will create it for you.

In this page is a video of some of the work done by a famous Polish crystal artist.It is just an example of some of the hand cut crystal that you get in Poland. Along with the video is information about the particular artist.



If you are interested in Polish crystal, whether to buy from current production or to have your own crystal line developed, we recommend that you go to our free information service and send us information. Free Information Service

We also recommend that you consider the use of a procurement service.

We make these two recommendations because there are many small crystal factories in addition to the major well-known factories that can serve you. Multi-services will get you in front of these many small factories as well as the major factories.

About The Crystal Artist Who Made The Crystal Shown In The Video

The artist, Jan Lam, has been awarded the title "MASTER OF ARTISTIC HANDICRAFT" by Polish Minister of Culture and Art (certificate number 11). He has also received many medals and distinctions at Polish and International exhibitions. He proudly displays, among many others, two gold medals from the Polish Exhibition of Artistic Handicraft in Warsaw, the first place award for the Polish Exhibition of Lead Crystal in Tychy and a gold and silver medal from the International Art Fair in Cracow.

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