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How much is the shipping?

First one must ask, "What you are asking?" What you mean by shipping? Do mean the actual bill for all the costs you will incur in getting the product from the seller to your designated location or just the transportation costs. Those are two different things.

If you are asking about how much it cost to get the product from one point to another it will find that there are many things involved other than the transportation charges.


For example, you might only have to pay an air freight company $700 to get a load from Warsaw, Poland to Massachusetts but you might end up having to pay $1500 when the product arrives.

What you have to pay depends on many things. The list includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

The address from which the goods are shipped, the country in which the goods are shipped, the address to which it could will be delivered, the total weight of the goods plus the weight of the packing material, the costs of packing material, agency fees, customs and duty fees, customs bonds, the type products that you order, the way the product will be shipped, the shipping company that you use, the person within the shipping company who makes quotation for you, customer discounts and so on.

The costs are load dependent. This means that in general you cannot get the cost of a getting an order from the manufacturer to you until after you place an order and request a quotation for shipping from a carrier.

When you get to quotation from a shipping company you will not see any information about customs duties. Those you will have to calculate yourself or wait until you get the customs bill presented to you at the time you pick up a goods. If you want to estimate how much to do these will be on your shipments it is up to you to make the estimate.

If your located in the United States the U.S. Customs Service provides a booklet that tells you what the customs duties are. US Customs Guide

If your located in any other country you have to contact your own government to get customers information.

The customs procedures or anything it is done in your country are up to you to know. Manufacturers are not in the legal business and they do not keep track of or interpret the laws of your country or the other 180 plus countries in the world. That is up to you to do.

And if you are in the import export business you are expected to basic research on the process. If you do not fully understand how to do that, here is a link to some books that you should buy and read about the import export process. Reference Material For Importers and Exporters


Example of the shipping cost calculations for an order shipped from Poland to the United States.

The customer wanted an assortment of products from several Polish companies to be delivered to a location in the United States.

The customer chose to have the product shipped by air freight. The choice was made simply because the customer needed the products as fast as possible. So a comparative cost for shipping by sea freight was not considered.

Prior to giving an estimate on the charges for the load, the air freight company required the week of each parcel in the shipment, how each parcel was packed, the dimensions of each parcel, the weight of each parcel, the locations where each parcels would be made available for pickup by the air freight company, the nearest airport to the destination, and the delivery point address with contact details to the person accepting the delivery.

The customer gave the air freight company the details which included an estimate of the mileage from the nearest airport at the destination to the delivery point.

The customer received a quotation for estimated delivery charges. The final charges would only be rendered after the load was ready to be physically delivered.

The customer did not know how much the customs bill would the until the load cleared customs and a bill was rendered.

The shipping company did not quote any of the additional charges that are normal in any import/export process.

Experienced buyers are able to estimate these additional charges quite accurately simply because they have a historical record and also take the time and spend the money to 1. buy the customs publications from their governments and 2. learn the normal delivery charges associated with the delivery to their warehouse.

So if you interested in finding the answer to the question how much is the shipping, and that means only the transportation of the load costs, you have to place a specific request for quotation for a specific order of specific products from a specific location to be delivered to a specific location and to be shipped in a specific way.

Without giving this minimum information no one can answer your question of how much is the shipping.

So what do you do? Make up your order, request a quotation on the order from the manufacturer and then get shipping quotation for that specific order.

Depending on whom you are dealing with, they may be able to give you some ideas of other costs that you may incur with your load. But because sometimes estimating the unknown can be a problem, they may not.

Protect yourself. Deal with experienced people and read the books listed here. Reference Material For Importers and Exporters

And there is a lot more on shipping here. How To Ship Products From Poland