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How Polish Pottery Is Made

Watch the Polish manufacturing process shown in videos inside main Boleslawiec factories.

unikat polish pottery plate

The way Polish pottery is made varies from factory to factory.

In the video in this page you see what is essentially a manual process. There is some automation and the use of moulds, but there is very little automation.

In other large factories there is more or less automation.

Regardless of the amount of automation, the amount of handwork involved is huge. There is no automatic packing, shelving or anything else. Everything is done step by step, operator controlled or hand processed.

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Of note, as the pottery goes through the manufacturing process, every person that handles it marks it with that person's own id stamp.

At any time quality control people can identify exactly who did the work that they are examining.

This, of course, helps to keep the workers attentive to detail because there is no hiding among the crowd.

Quality is in the forefront of every person's mind. People understand fully that they must protect not only their brand but the brand and reputation of the entire industry. They live generally in the same town and their town depends on them making the best pottery in the world.

That goes for every company in the town.


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