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How To Be A Drop Ship Supplier

Learn how to make money while everyone else does all the work by being a drop ship supplier.

drop ship supplier

Let your money do the work.

You can use the existing inventory in your shop now or you can buy new inventory and store it in a fulfillment warehouse such as one of the Amazon FBA warehouses.

Let me approach this by way of example.

If you have existing inventory in a shop, you set up a private affiliate program using inexpensive software such as that that you find at this link. Go to IDEV

You then promote that affiliate program. People will add your products through the affiliate program to their websites and sell for you. You would be operating just the same as Amazon and people who use the Amazon affiliate program would be typical of the people that would sell for you. Go to the Amazon affiliate program and familiarize yourself with how that works. You use that as a model for your own private affiliate program. You can see the Amazon affiliate program at this link .



Alternatively, your body and store inventory in a warehouse and have the warehouse and dropship for you. You still use the affiliate program. But you do not get involved in the shipping process.

Amazon FBA is a fulfillment program that offers you many more advantages. You can read about the FBA program at this link. Amazon FBA

If you use the FBA program you can sell your products also on the Amazon site itself. That means you have all the Amazon affiliates selling for you as well as the main Amazon site itself. You will have more customers than you ever dreamed up by having your product listed on Amazon.

Additionally, when you have your products in an Amazon fulfillment warehouse, then will ship your products to any third party.

So once again you can have your own private affiliate program and have Amazon fulfilled he orders for you.

So what does this mean to you if you have money but no time and would like to put that money to good use.

The easiest and least time-consuming thing to do is buy inventory, and then an Amazon fulfillment warehouse, and sell the products on Amazon. Your workload will be that of making sure that you have enough inventory on hand.

Once you get that going, if you wish, then you can set up your own private drop shipping program and affiliate program.

I hope that this page has been helpful. If you have any questions or comments or if anything has been unclear, or if you need more detail, please contact us. We will get back to you with clarifying information