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How To Order Amber Products

This page gives you procedures, tips and hints on how to get the best prices on amber and silver jewelry products from Poland.

As a first step in the process of ordering any product wholesale you are advised to read the information at this link called "how to contact a factory direct and get wholesale prices". Please note that you should not only read the information at the link for best results and best prices, you should comply with the recommendations given in the page.

There are generally three types of Amber Products to consider.

Those are as follows:

  • Wholesale purchase of Amber and Silver Jewelry.

  • Wholesale purchase of Raw Amber and Cabochons.

  • Wholesale purchase of Natural Baltic Amber Necklaces and Bracelets.

You can see information about the basic types of Amber and an approximation of the prices by going to this link. Amber Info The prices shown there are just an approximation and the prices that you get for your ultimate order will be based on the price at that time that you submit your Request For Quotation and get a response from the factory.

We will discuss specific ordering process for each of the categories in separate sections below.

Wholesale purchases of Amber and Silver Jewelry.

Generally speaking, the factories require a minimum order of 1 kg of product. In some cases factories require more. Occasionally a factory will have a minimum Euro value requirement as well.

It is expected that you will use a catalog to choose the products and that you submit a request for quotation for the products that you have chosen. That request for quotation should include the item inventory number and the number of pieces of that item that you wish.

Because of the huge demand for catalogs, most of which come from people who have no intention of buying factory minimums, factories generally do not dispense catalogs. They expect that you'll assemble your request for quotation off their website. Those can be found through the search engines.

As a side note, many companies do not even print paper catalogs. Everything is done electronically.

Likewise, they do not consider that price lists are public information so you will not be simply sent price lists. If you want prices you must submit a Request For Quotation and you will be given prices based on your Request For Quotation.

For your convenience, this Chamber has put up a good selection of factory catalogs that you can use to assemble an order. It can be found at this link. Amber Catalogs

In some cases you may be able to buy less than 1 kg out product made by a particular factory. You can do that by buying through an amber agent who accumulates orders, then makes buys greater than the factory minimum from the factories and ultimately resells the product to you after adding minimal service charge.

If you need help with an amber agent, complete your request for quotatation as you normally would and submit it via our Contact Form . We will forward it to some agents.

Step by step process.

Use the Amber catalogs that you can get at this link Amber Catalogs or use a company website to assemble a request for quotation.

Submit your request to quotation directly to the factory or to us via our Contact Form and we will forward it to a factory representative for you. If your order is less than the 1 kg factory minimum but more than one half kilogram, we will forward it to an amber agent will accumulates orders and that agent will get a price for you with a slight up charge over the factory direct price.

Please note our privacy policy.

If the factory decides that your request fits its guidelines, they will respond to you with a quotation or other information.

Wholesale purchase of Raw Amber and Cabochons

The minimum purchase of Raw Amber and Cabochons is 1 kg of any one SKU.

There is information about the kinds and quality of raw Amber that you can read at this link. About Amber Quality

To order Cabochons use the page at this link for information. Cabochons Then assemble the specific requirements that you have as submit a request for quotation remembering that the minimum order for nonstandard cabochons is 1 kg. For stock items, the minimum order is .2 kg.

For Raw Amber go to this link and pick the Amber product that you require. The minimum order is 1 kg of any one SKU. Raw Amber

Assemble your order and submit a request for quotation via Contact Form

Natural Baltic Amber Necklaces and Bracelets.

This category includes standard Natural Baltic Amber Necklaces and Bracelets that are worn for beauty as well as the products used for medicinal purposes and baby teething necklaces.

The minimum order is 1 kg of product. The order may be made up of a mixture of necklaces, bracelets and baby teething necklaces but the order total must be 1 kg.

There are very few catalogs for this type product. You can see generally what it looks like at Natural Baltic Amber .

The only catalog we know of is distributed only locally in Poland on CD-ROM to private customers and through the Poland Chamber catalog collelction. You can see a sampling of the products that are in that catalog here. Exclusive Natural Baltic Amber Collection

The complete listing is at Amber Catalogs

The process for ordering Natural Baltic Amber, is therefore, a bit different.

If you order from the Amber catalogs, assemble your Request For Quotation and submit it via Contact Form and we will forward it to the supplier'r representative.

If you want a broader selection of Natural Baltic Amber products, such as baby teething necklaces and medicinal items, go to Natural Baltic Amber