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How To Export To Poland

Polish importers and how to export to Poland.

This Chamber of Commerce serves Polish companies and members. Due to the large number of people who want to export to Poland and do not wish to become a member of this Chamber of Commerce, we offer a comprehensive report that will answer one of the most often asked questions that we get.

And that question is how to contact Polish companies in order to export products to Poland.

But first, because the Polish Embassies, the Polish Government and Polish taxpayers, and Polish Chambers of Commerce do not subsidize foreign companies marketing efforts, may we recommend that you first contact your own home country embassy or chamber of commerce.


If you require supplemental help to what they give you or if you feel the information that you have gotten is not what you need, for a small donation, we will send you our extensive report on how to export to Poland. The donation is small and helps us pay our staff to keep this information current and the best information that there is available while they serve the many thousands of requests that they get for this information each month.

Thank you for the understanding.

In this report you get the following information and more.

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  • What it takes to get the attention of Polish importers.
  • How to best approach Polish exporters.
  • Newspaper advertising to reach Polish customers.
  • Trade publication advertising in Poland.
  • The best way to use the internet to enter the Polish market.
  • How to get free advertising in Poland.
  • How to find commission agents in Poland.
  • How to contact Polish companies even if the people who see your promotions do not speak English.
  • Where to get mailing lists of Polish companies.
  • How to build your own Polish company mailing list.
  • How to set up a product review site and let Polish companies build your customer list for you.
  • The laws on spam and how you can be blacklisted or criminally prosecuted if you do not comply.
  • How Chambers of Commerce can help or hurt you.
  • A list of business organizations in Poland.

    How To Get Your Copy Of This Report

    You will get a copy of this report for the donation of $9.95 plus Value Added Tax towards this Chamber of Commerce costs. The report is actually worth a lot more than that, but because this is part of our public relations program to help small businesses and individuals participate in the global Internet economy, we ask only a small donation.

    It will be sent to you as an email attachment after you make the donation by PayPal or offline payment by check, money order or cash in the amount of $9.95 plus Value Added Tax of $2.19 for a total of $12.14.



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