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How To Make A Full Time Living On eBay

Almost 800,000 people make a full time living on eBay. They do it by learning the eBay system, following some simple, proven marketing plans and providing good customer service.

In this page we will give you some general guidance and specific recommendations for further study of how savvy eBay marketers become power sellers and earn enough money on eBay to live as they wish.

The links in the page go directly to relevant sections in eBay or to useful information related to selling on eBay.

We cannot emphasise enough that you should do further study. If you do it right, you can start mutiple streams of income with very little risk.

Here is some general guidance:

The easiest way to make big money on eBay. This is the way to do less work and make more money. This link takes you to a free white paper that gives you a step by step process.

eBay Classified Ads

The classifieds are fixed cost and low cost. You can use them not only to sell product, but to build a mailing list, make money on advertising and sell digital products. They are the choice of top money makers on eBay. The classified ads are an excellent way to get exposure for your web site and to sell products.

They are particularly effective since eBay is really a search engine for people interested in buying. So when you have an ad there, you are putting your advertisment in front of buyers.

Double Dutch Auctions

There is more to putting up an auction. Selling multiple products can jump your sales.

The eBay information is rather sparse on how to use these auctions. You will find more useful information in the recommended additional information that is below.

Buy It Now Listings

A very useful listing technique for the eBay savy person.

eBay / Craigslist Arbitrage

Buy it on Craigslist and sell it on eBay. This is so simple but so effective. There is no web reference for this. It is covered in the Silent Sales Machine book referred to below.




Further Reading Related Tof Making Money On eBay

To be successful using any of the techniques above, you must write and follow a detailed action plan. And to do that, it is often best to read some classic "How To" books. They will save you a lot of time and often will shed light on things that you would not have considered yourself.

Here are three solid books.

The Silent Sales Machine

This is the top selling book on making money on eBay. In its original form, it was limited to eBay. It has now been expanded to much more. This is a must read. You get an 8 week satisfaction guarantee.

The Drop Ship Guide

The Poland Chamber's guide to drop shipping. Learn what you can do with drop shipping. You get an 8 week satisfaction guarantee.

Note that each of the refenences has an 8 week guarantee. If you don't like them, just get your money back. We recommend strongly that you take advantage of these guarantees and read each of the books.