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How To Order Polish Amber And Silver Jewelry

How to buy Polish Silver And Amber Jewelry and to place an order for silver and amber jewelry with a factory in Poland.

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The process of ordering amber is straightforward. This page tells you how to order amber and silver jewelry directly from manufacturers in Poland.

Before anything, it is important to note that amber companies do not give out price lists. Some will tell you that their jewelry costs so much per gram. Other companies price only to specific requests for quotation.

To get a price for your order, refer to the company catalog for the company that interests you by looking at the company website address or use the catalogs that you can get this link. Amber Catalogs

Then assemble a request for quotation listing specific products and a specific number of each of those products.

Assemble your Request For Quotation by item number of each product you want and indicate how many by number or weight you want of that product along with information about the delivery point plus any special requests.

Send his request for quotation via this link - Product Information Center - or send it via our Contact Form.


General comments relating to ordering Amber.

Note that most companies no longer print paper catalogs. They work online.

Jewelry companies do not distribute price lists. They are not public information.

Amber is generally sold by the kilogram with the minimum order being one kilogram.

Prices for Amber are rendered by the gram.

Factories do not consider catalogs and price lists as public documents.

Factories provide catalogs to people that they believe will be actual buyers and hold back on the distribution of catalogs to limit the number of people who just take catalogs in order to copy the designs to make their own products.

Factories have a limited selection of their products on the Web. You can order directly from the Web and once you establish itself as a customer you can expect that the factory will provide you more information about product that is not shown on the Web.

To help you, this Chamber of Commerce maintains a link to a page that will give you a general idea as to the current pricing a product within the general categories across the industry in Poland. You can find a link by clicking here. Price Of Amber

If you are unfamiliar with a particular factory or are new to the business, it may best that you have a representative make up a recommend selection of product for you which selection will generally be chosen from products that are known to be good and sellers within the particular region that you will be selling the product. For information about such help, send a request by sending email by clicking on Contact Form and giving some idea of what you would like to do.

Amber and silver jewelry from Poland is generally made from natural Baltic amber which is the highest quality and most expensive Amber of all the ambers in the world. You can see information about the different types of Amber at this link. Because of the quality of the Polish Amber products, the price of the Amber coming from Poland is generally higher than the price of other products coming from other parts of the world. It is important that you understand the difference between quality and fraudulent Amber products. For information go to this link. About Amber.

Once again, start with the Amber Catalogs