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How To Order Polish Crystal

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There are two sections to this page. The first gives you general information on ordering crystal. The section gives you a step by step procedure and some special tips and hints on getting a response with the best prices.

General Comments Relating To Ordering Crystal

Factories have order minimums. In some cases they may require a minimum of 80 of any one piece. In all cases, you can expect a minimum order quantity of 10 of any one piece or set.

Generally, orders under $500 are not considered.

Crystal companies do not distribute price lists. They are not public information.



Crystal companies price to specific Requests For Quotation.

You must submit separate Requests For Quotation for each factory. In other words, you cannot combine a list of products from different factories under one Request For Quotation.

Assemble your request by visiting the company web site or use Crystal Catalogs

Do not approach a factory telling them that the amount depends on the price. The price is the price and you are expected to tell the factory in your request for quotation how many of a particular piece are required.

Factories will not respond to requests for quotation that list every item in the factory's catalog. Such a request is considered or a veiled attempt to do just get a price list and does not show any serious intent and buy the prospective buyer.


The Steps In Ordering Crystal

The process is straightforward.

You look at the company's Crystal catalog by either visiting their web site or using a copy that you have downloaded.

Note that most companies no longer print paper catalogs. They work online.

Online catalogs, that you may download, for many companies are at Crystal Catalogs

You assemble a request for quotation listing specific products and a specific number of each of those products.

You submit a request for quotation along with information about the delivery point in any of the special requests.

Submit your request via the company web site or you may submit a request for quotation here Contact Factories Directly

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If your request meets company guidelines. The company will return to you a bid or request for clarifying information.

Tips And Hints

Even after submitting a request, many people are ignore. Simply because they do not look professional.

Here is how to avoid that.

When ordering it is important to order using an e-mail address that contains your company name as the domain name. Do not use an e-mail address from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or any other domain that is not registered to you.

When ordering it is important to provide a link to your web site.

If you do not have an email address over your domain name, it is likely that you do not have a web site. In that case, you can get a free web site and free domain name when you use the lunar page web site hosting service. It is at Lunar Pages

You might also want to look at the video, Look Professional Or Get Ignored.

Don't waste time. Use the Crystal Catalogs