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How To Order Glass

This page discussed how to order glass. The information here is particularly important because ordering glass can be quite frustrating. To a first time buyer from a factory, it is a circular process as well as somewhat of a shot in the dark.

Factory minimums apply. For clear glass, the mimimums are generally higher than art glass.

In both cases, you will be required to order a minimum number of forms. And for art glass, the minimum is likely to be for a minimum number of forms in a certain color pattern.

Clear glass minimums will run from a pallet load, 1,000 units and to 5,000 units for some bottles. And of course, because you must always consider your shipping costs, you should look to be sure that your orders are full pallets. See Shipping Small Order From Poland.

Art glass minimums may run from 50 units of one form in any one color pattern. There may also be a requirement for a minimum total dollar volume, as well. And once again, you should consider shipping full pallet loads less shipping costs make your shelved cost too high. Shipping Small Order From Poland.

Many times buyers have a form in mind but do not know the factory producing it. In most cases submission of a picture or drawing with specifications to one or more factories with a request for quotation ( RFQ) will yield price quotes.

And a note on submission of an RFQ. Be sure to show your company web site address, phone number and use email over your company domain. If you do not, you are likely to be ignored.

In the case just looking for price lists, note that the factories do not consider their price lists public material. They price to request for quotation. You are expected to go to their web sites or use the brochures that they provide at trade shows and pick products to submit for quotation.

Once you establish a relationship, it is easier. The factories know that you are a buyer and are more open and helpful.

In essance, the factories care for their regular customers and are very careful spending with people who are just doing market research.

The point is that Polish companies pride themselves on providing quality product, reliably, to quality customers.

So let us assume that you have a particular form in mind. Your first step comes in finding either the factory that makes that form or one that will.

You may already know a supplier. Submit a complete RFQ. request for quotation

You may also use the Chamber free information service. Your request will be provided to companies for their consideration. You will be contacted by them if they are interested.

You may use a procurement service. We recommend this approach. You are likely to save money in both the short and long run. An in country procurement service will get attention faster and probably get a better price than you will first time around. Use on on your first buy. After that, decide whether you want to continue or not. Here is more information. Procurement Services.