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How To Order Polish Pottery

Steps and procedures on how to order polish pottery from the factory or local distributors.

To order Polish pottery from the factories, there are some very specific steps that you must follow.

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Boleslawiec Polish pottery is not sold to major retail chains. The product is hand made and exclusive The factories do not sell to discounters that, by their nature, degrade the brand.

In some cases factories have exclusive distribution arrangements with certain importers. In such cases, you will have to purchase from that exclusive importer.

Price lists are not considered public information. Factories do not freely give out price lists. Prices are provided on a quotation basis. That means that you must submit to the factory a specific list of the items that you wish to purchase along with the quantities and a shipping address. If you are request meets the factory standards you will be provided a quotation for that particular product submission.

Printed catalogs are expensive. The factories do not send out catalogs to just anyone.

The factories expect that you use online catalogs to assemble your order. As an alternative you may order catalogs from some factories on CD. You can get information at this link. Pottery Catalogs

Generally factories have minimum order requirements. Those minimum order requirements are generally above $1000 and typically $2000.

Regardless of factory order minimums, you will find that the shipping cost from Poland to your location will be significant. To be cost-efficient your order from a factory should be large enough to fill a pallet. Depending on exchange rates and a mix of your order, that means that you probably will be ordering about $3-$4000 worth of pottery to which you will add the shipping cost. You are advised to read the information about shipping at this link. Notes on Shipping

If you are going to order less than a factory minimum, it is recommended that you look to a distributor who is close to you. You will find that typically you get the best service by dealing locally.


There is also information about drop shipping pottery at Drop Shipping Polish Pottery


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Steps for ordering pottery.

Assemble your list of desired items by going to the website of the company from which you wish to purchase.

As an alternative, use the catalogs that you can find at this link. Pottery Catalogs

Using that list submit your request for quotation by filling out the form at this link. Polish Product Information Center or you can send your order by email clicking on Contact Form. We will send it to a factory representative.

The total cost for your order cost an estimate for shipping will be returned to you.