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How To Sell Amber Wholesale

The business of selling Amber and Amber and silver jewelry wholesale is all about building trust and relationships. Your goal should be to create trust and relationships rather than to sell Amber. Once you create a good relationship you will not have to sell Amber. The customer will buy.

polished amber stone

The best way to create trust and to build relationships is to visit the customer with your product and show exactly what you have to offer and to allow the customer to get to know you.

Do not fall into the trap of referring a customer to your website or using something like or a video to introduce yourself. Make your introductions personally.

The best way to do it is to take a briefcase full of Amber to potential customers and just introduce yourself and your product. Leave a business card and tell them that you are available to provide them service should they wish.

Do not try to make a sale on the first call. Just follow the old proven ways of selling and visit the customers several times to say hello and to show them your product selection. You are likely to get a no on the first six visits. And you are likely to get a sale on the seventh visit after the customer is comfortable with you.

Creation of and maintaining personal relationships is extremely important in the selling business.

Let us show you an example.

The pictures below show how an amber manufacturer who exports a few million dollars per year maintains contacts with his customer base in Warsaw. Most of them order from him by phone, but he knows he has to go out to visit the people to show them new products and just show them just how important they are

You would not know that the suitcase if filled with some very expensive, high quality amber and silver jewelry.

And though he has a large number of people manufacturing jewelry for him, he knows the importance of doing this task personally.

The man visits shops with a suitcase filled with amber. He sells between half and three quarters of it each day he goes to Warsaw.

Quite a bit of time just talking with the shopowners about the weather and anything else come that comes up.He builds friendship which is a step beyond relationship. People learn to like him and they trust him.





Note the catalogs and order sheets with plastic containers of amber and silver jewelry.

He calls it his complete Amber and Silver Jewelry business in a bag. It is set up to provide full service quickly and easily.

He carries all the typical things that you need as a wholesaler which include invoices, catalogs, notepad, industry news, and information about the next amber shows and trade shows that might interest the retailer.

He even has a post cards that show Amber and silver jewelry and a link to his website. He sells these postcards to shops that sell postcards to tourists. He makes a profit on the postcards and he makes direct sales to people who go to the Web address that they find on the postcard.


There is a wide variety of amber and silver products in this selection.

This bag contains about 37,000 Euro wholesale value in Amber and Silver Jewelry. That is a retail value of well over $125,000. You can start with a lot less, but if you work at it, you can build your inventory to this level and more. The more you have, the more you sell.

Note that the amber is sold from plastic refrigerator containers. Such containers and plastic zip bags are standard in the wholesale industry.







Catalogs and web sites do not sell jewelry as well as jewelry sells jewelry.

Kasia Swiatek, owner of the 3 Cats Gallery, with a plastic food container of jewelry.

The container is a more effective selling tool than either a printed catalog or picture on a web site.

It is easier for her to dig through the container and choose that flip through a catalog and taking the time to assemble an order.

The factory owner keeps record of her buys and monthly recommends a recharge based on her previous buys.





When Kasia Swiatek says that she will hand pick jewerly for you, this is how she does it.

Picking through the "catalog". What is interesting here is that Kasia Swiatek is a factory representative for this manufacturer. Her 3 Cats Gallery is one of his major export points. As knowledgeable as she is of his products, she still picks through all his latest offerings to see what she thinks will be best accepted by her retail and wholesale clients.








The more jewelry that you show, the more you will sell.

The more you put on a customers counter, the more you sell. Each of the containers is loaded with something different. When presented with high quality products this way, it becomes for the customer not a matter of should they buy but what should they buy.

You don't have to have this much amber in your business in a bag, but it shows you that you only need some plastic containers with good amber to have a successful amber and silver business.

You can sell either retail or wholesale this way. Just get it in front of your customers at a home party, at an outdoor market, at a gift or jewelry shop or any other likely place. When people see it, they will buy.

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