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Leather Boxes

leather boxes

Handmade leather boxes, jewelry boxes and executive gifts wholesale direct from artist.

For executive gifts and a special all occasion gift, these boxes and desk items are unique.

You can get everything from jewelry and wine bottle presentation boxes to picture frames and clocks.

Every piece is hand made and the leather hand tooled by a small company in Poland. Since they are small production is limited. But with that limitation comes the quality that comes with attention to detail.

This is one of the finest collections of leather covered boxes that you will find. If you are looking for a new product that won't be found in very many places, this is a fine choice.

At the left you see a collection as displayed at a trade show. )The gentlemen seated asked that, for reasons of privacy, that his face not be shown.) The display drew a continuing line of people and the product moved well.

If you have a shop catering to men's gifts, there are some fine selections here.


And if you have a need for fine executive gifts, you can get everything from pen cases to leather desk pads.

The jewelry boxes come in many sizes. They are solid and tastefully tooled.

You may order individual pieces. But wholesale prices only apply on orders over 500 Euro.

Special orders are welcomed.

For prices and catalog information, go to Polish Product Information Center