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Polish Linen Tablecloths

linen and lace tablecloths

About Polish linen tablecloths - handmade and commercial offers.

There are generally two classes of Polish linen tablecloths. There are those linden tablecloths that are made commercially by the large factories in Poland. Then there are those that are handmade and hand decorated by many women in Poland.

Commercial products are available wholesale and you can get wholesale pricing and information by using the link at the bottom of this page for the free information service.

The handmade linen tablecloths are not available wholesale. Those who sells these tablecloths sell at one price. The retail price is the same as the wholesale price.

The people who make the handmade linen tablecloths generally do not have catalogs, they do not have web sites and they do not export. If you wish to buy these you generally have to either make a buying trip to Poland or use a procurement service.

The commercial products have a worldwide reputation of being some of the finest linen tablecloths in the world. The factories do have order minimums and that depends upon the type tablecloth that you wish. You can get special private labeled boxes for the tablecloths. You should consider in your order volume the cost of shipping from the factory to your location. The shipping costs can make a large difference in your profit margin. You can find information about shipping costs at this link.



When the you want to buy the handmade linen tablecloths or the commercial linen tablecloths we recommend strongly that you use a procurement service. Here is a link to information about procurement services.

You are also invited to use our free information service to have your questions answered and to have your request for quotation sent directly to linen factories and manufacturers.