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List Of Wholesalers Worldwide

List of worldwide manufacturers, distributors, and wholesale suppliers plus drop shippers.

drop ship wholesalers worldwide

Lists of wholesalers and serve two purposes.

First, they contain contact information from whom you can buy products wholesale. They also contain contact information to companies that will drop ship for you.

Second, if you want to sell your product to distributors all around the world, lists of wholesalers are categorized so that you can contact distributors that have an interest in the type product that you are selling.

There are many lists of wholesalers to be had. And many of them are, of course, good.

In this page we have links out to a few good lists of wholesalers.

The lists are recommended for the following reasons:

All wholesalers are verified. To be added to these lists it wholesaler must be an established, legitimate, verified company. You do not deal with day traders or frauds.

You get direct contact to manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors as well as drop ship suppliers. You get name address website address email and telephone contact information. By using this information you cut out the middleman and get the best prices.

Some of the lists provide market research services for you. Read the information about each of the lists to see what services are provided by that particular list.

If you have a business which business is a manufacturing business, wholesale business, or distribution business, you can apply to the list owner to have your company added to the list. This is an extremely inexpensive way to get your company in front of millions of buyers.

So if you are interested in reputable, verified, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors where you can get direct contact and the best prices, use one or more of the lists below.

There are many other lists of companies. And there are many companies that are not listed. But the reliability of many companies, as anyone in business is sure to know, is questionable.

Our recommendation is to go to directories that have verified lists of companies.

Verification can save you a lot of time and money.

This Chamber gets many requests for help from companies who dealt with unverified lists. There is nothing we can do. The only recourse is to go to the courts.

Invest in a verified list and be safer.

The lists are shown in order of the amount of information that you get, with those having the most information listed at the top.

Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors And Drop Shippers

World Wide Brands

The premier list for companies worldwide is World Wide Brands.

This directory is the recognized premier directory for people who wish to buy wholesale as well as people who wish to make contact with verified drop ship suppliers.

The directory has been established for years and contains more than just information about manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. It also contains a vast amount of material related to marketing, importing exporting, and drop shipping.

This directory is the directory used by top retailers and sellers on Amazon, eBay, Yahoo Shopping Network and many other major shopping sites and networks.


There are other directories that are not as large as the World Wide Brands directory and, as such, are lower-priced. They are good.


The Wholesale Pages.

This directory started out focusing on the United Kingdom. But it has since expanded to include a large international and US section. It has almost 2,000,000 listings.

The beauty of this directory is that you can try it for a very low fee per month. If you have never used a directory, this is a good place to start even if your focus is not the United Kingdom. There is enough information in here in the international section to keep you busy. And once you see how a directory can help you, you may consider staying with this as well as purchasing membership in one of the other directories above.



Drop Shipping Only

If you are primarily interested in finding companies that drop ship, here are additional, and less expensive, lists.

American Drop Shippers

This is totally focused on the US and is a very good choice for people who located in the US and who are interested in short shipping times.

The Drop ship Guide List Of Drop Shippers

This list of drop shippers is a list that has been made up by the staff of the Drop Ship guide. These are drop shippers that they either use themselves in their own online business or that have been verified and recommended by other people in the drop shipping business.


Chamber Free Information Service

Free Information Service

The Poland Chamber provides a free contact service. You get direct contact to companies that respond to your request.



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