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Drop Shipping Using Local Suppliers

How To Find Local Suppliers That Will Drop Ship For You.

There are drop shippers all around you. You may not know it and they may not know it either. They may not know what drop shipping is!

When you have a factory or distributor drop ship products to your customers, what is your relationship to that factory or distributor? You are, in one form or another, an independent sales representative. You are really selling products for that factory or distributor.

Suppose there is a someone that you know who is making custom jewelry. Or local folk art. Or jellies. Or whatever. Do you think that that person would like to have someone selling their products for them? Especially when it is a no risk deal for them?

Consider it. You sell their product, get paid and then give them the wholesale price for the product, plus the shipping cost. All that they have to do is ship the product to your customer with your invoice or brochure.

Now they may add a handling charge on the shipping to cover the costs of the extra work. But that is to be expected and you can build it into your operations.


If they work with this like you, they are drop shipping for you.

So how do you find these people? And then how do you approach them?

Before you even start looking, fully understand the drop shipping process.

Have your business plan laid out so that people take you seriously.

If you are going to use a web site, know your web site address. You should really have your web site up in an "under construction mode".

Have your business card made with your web site address and email address.

When you approach them explain that:

You would like to sell their products as an independent sales representative.

You will protect them by selling the product and pay them before the product is delivered.

They will bill only you so they do not have any administrative burden.

You will take pictures of the product, or they can give you pictures, and you will put them on your web site or auction site.

All that they have to do is ship the product to your customers with the invoice that you provide.

You, of course, and ultimately the customer, will pay the shipping.

Don't call it drop shipping. You may confuse them. That term can be used later.

Where do you find suppliers?

Trade shows are packed with people looking for people to sell for them. Just go and look for products that you like.

Local newspapers have many advertisements that will give you leads.

Read trade publications.

Read anything that is a source of arts and crafts. You will find many small companies that could use a sales representative.

Look at the local shops in your region.

And you might even know someone who has a great idea or product that they make now and need someone to promote for them.

It is as easy as that.

When you approach drop shipping this way you might luck out and get some fine product on an exclusive arrangement. Give it a try.

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