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Luxury Stone Sinks

Luxurious stone sinks available wholesale and retail.

The stone sinks in this page are for those who need or want not just a sink made of stone but a luxury product.

luxury stone sink

Below this text is a video that shows a sampling on stone sinks that are available wholesale and retail.

Additionally, distributorships for the stone sinks are available in all countries throughout the world.

Architects, developers, designers and any other person or organization interested in stone sinks of this quality and in such items as mosaics and semi precious stone panels are invited to contact us for information.

There are also other exclusive and luxury products such as sandstorm veneer and salt blocks that are available for contractors who are interested in the upscale market. You can get information about them in this website also by using the search box down in the navigation bar to the left



These stone sinks are very high quality. They are hand formed and hand polished. Because they are made of natural stone each one will vary to some degree in color and the layout of the grain in the stone. In short, no two sinks are exactly the same because they are made of natural stone.


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These stone sinks and the related products ship directly from Poland.

For companies located in Poland it is best to contact us through our Polish website that you find at this link. Polish supplier

All other inquiries about the stone sinks or related products, including requests for information about distributorships, will be answered in English if you would be so kind to complete the information that you find at this link. Free Information Service