The Poland Import Export Chamber Of Commerce Online

Major Gift Shop Market Entry Program

A gift shop chain of over 240 shops around the United States is seeking new sources of quality gifts to be added to its chain. It has requested of the Poland Chamber its help in finding products to be placed in its gift shops.

If you manufacture a product that you are interested in having placed in this gift shop chain, you are invited to submit them to the Poland Chamber, Inc., which will in turn forward them for consideration.

You will cover the market entry costs which include the shipping and handling costs to screen and trans ship your offers to the gift shop marketing center.

To save wasted time and effort, before you send a product, offers will be screened first. If your offer is approved, you will be given shipping information for the samples.


Market Entry Fees

If your product is approved for submission, you will be required to pay your market entry fees.

The market entry fees are:

Two samples of proposed product to be sent to the Poland Chamber, Inc. shipping and customs prepaid.

$100 handling fee for first product. Additional $50 for each additional.

Postage from Warsaw, Poland to USA, Postal Code 80002 . Shipping will be by UPS. You can calculate your shipping costs here.

You are invited to send information about proposed projects by email via Contact Form . Include pictures, videos, prices, shipping weights, methods of packing, times from order to ready for shipping, manufacturing capacity in units per month, and your web site address.