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Make Money On eBay

The top five strategies for making money on eBay.

drop shipping for ebay
Use Drop Shipping On eBay

Some people have a lot of problems in making money with eBay. But those who use some proven strategies become top rated sellers and selling large volumes making thousands of dollars per week.

Some use eBay as their product supplier and sell eBay's products through their own websites. EBay does the shipping and handles the entire transaction for them.

Others get their products from craigslist and engage in a craigslist to eBay arbitrage routine.

Then there others who engage in an Amazon to eBay arbitrage routine.

And if you want to avoid the problem of shipping your products You sell them on eBay, you can use Amazon FBA and have them do the shipping for you.

All these topics are discussed below


eBay Moneymaking Strategies

Amazon To eBay Arbitrage

The eBay seller comparison prices for products being sold on eBay to those for the same product being sold on Amazon. When he finds sufficient room to make a profit, he lists a product that he find on Amazon on eBay and makes adjustments to the product title and to shipping costs to gain a competitive advantage. This link takes you to a tutorial and video on how to do this.

Dropship Directory To eBay

Dropship directories give you access to wholesale sources of product to sell on eBay. They are one of the primary sources of product for top rated sellers. This link takes you to a dropship directory where you can get a complete tutorial on how to increase your profits by using a dropship directory.

Craigslist to eBay Arbitrage

Using this strategy, one buys products at low prices on craigslist and then sell them on eBay. It takes a bit of time but in compensation for that time, the profits can be very high.

EBay Affiliate Program

In this case you don't sell on eBay, but you sell everything that is listed on eBay. You become an eBay affiliate and get paid for products that you sell on your website. According to eBay, top eBay affiliates make over $100,000 per month.

Amazon FBA and eBay

The Amazon FBA program allows you to ship products to be stored in an Amazon warehouse. You can then list those products and sell them on eBay. Once you make a sale Amazon will do the shipping for you. This allows you to buy products in large lot and sell them on eBay without having to be concerned about shipping.

Operating in this way, you can maximize your profits because you cutout the middlemen everywhere.


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