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How To Make Money With Your Website

How to make your website make money for you by using its full potential.

The key to making money with a website is to use its full potential. Every visitor is a potential customer. A visitor is like a person who walks into the door of a store. If the customer comes, sell something or do something that brings the customer back so that you have another chance to sell.

On the web, a visitor is likely to come to your web page once. So if you expect to make money, you have to be efficient, fast and focused.

It is really not hard to do.

You have five areas of your website to use.

The two most effective places for advertising are the optical center and the bottom of the page.

On this page the optical center is where you see the Google advertisements in the top left portion of the page. That is the natural starting point for a visitors visual scan.


At the bottom of the page you get the visitors as they complete reading your information or if they just scan the page and get ready to leave.

The navigation bars left and right and top give you additional opportunities. But focus on the optical center and the bottom.

Techniques That Will Make You Money

Focus on building a mailing list. Without a mailing list you do not have a business. There is a video tutorial on this that you can find at this link. List Building With A Capture Page

Add video to your website. In fact add a lot of video to your website and describe every product that you sell in video. Then not only use that video in your website added to the free video services such as you to and you will not only make sales directly from the video but you will also improve your position is in the search engines if you handle the addition properly. Information about doing that is in the video that you can see at this link. How To Add Video To A Website


Add eBay auction links to your website. People just love eBay auctions and if you use the write scripts you can monetize every page in your website. Here is a link to an entire section on using eBay for income. Included is material on auction links. eBay Auction Tutorials

These are just some simple and basic things that you can do to get started to generate income. Rather than giving you too many things at once we recommend that you review the information here first. They are likely to keep you busy for some time so there's no need to support yourself too thin and not get anything done by try to do too much.