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Map Of Krakow

This page provides you access to maps of Krakow and a map package for those interested in travel to Krakow.

krakow central train station

As a first step in your research Google maps has an excellent map of Krakow that you can look at now. When you click on this link it will open in a new screen in your browser window.

And here is another. if you click on the image to the right, a new window will open in your computer screen with a larger image that you can use.



map of krakow
Map Of Krakow


If you are traveling to Poland, we recommend that you have at least two maps with you at all times. One is a map of the city that you will be visiting and the other is a road atlas for Poland.

You can get a package that includes a map of Krakow plus a road atlas through the link below.

You are invited to watch the short video that describes what is in this map package.


And if you need maps for other cities, they are listed on Poland City Maps.

For those of you who are interested in learning much more about Poland and the Krakow region, you might be interested in the book Polish Highways and Byways.