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Marketing Plan Template

A free marketing plan template for an online business using no and low cost systems.

marketing plan

Your marketing plan template will be different for something that you market on the Internet as compared to something that you market off-line. This page focuses on a marketing plan template for an online business.

This template is laid out in a series of channels each channel covering a given form of marketing used on the Internet.You may tend to focus on one or two channels. But you should understand fully what all the channels are and as you grow you should factor them into your final marketing plan.

Each of the channels in this template refers you to a source that goes into each of the marketing programs in-depth.

Some marketers use article marketing almost exclusively. We put information about article marketing at the top of this template simply because it is so important.

Article Marketing

This is perhaps the fastest way to get links to your website so that you get search engine position and to drive traffic directly to your site. It is simple and it is free.

This is use generally my savvy Internet marketers who put up WordPress blogs and then write five articles and submit them to the article directories to immediately start making money from a new income stream.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Though proceeds from pay per click advertising are what makes Google profitable. And people paid Google to advertise in their site because they make money when they do it.

It is easy to set up and start by beginners normally end up paying too much for the advertising and often end up losing money.

So it is something that you should read about and prepare.


EBay Classifieds

All businesses should consider eBay classifieds. They are very inexpensive advertising.


Yahoo Shopping Network

If you are going to set up and e-commerce store, then you should consider they Yahoo Shopping Network. That is where many millions of people go to shop every day. You want to have your store in the Yahoo shopping network.


Search Engine Marketing

This is a rather difficult process for most people because it takes a lot of research into keywords and a lot of writing to get your websites into the top of the search engines. This is more of a passive approach to marketing in the sense that you are at the mercy of the search engine.

Learn about it, but the other marketing methods are more useful to you in that you have control.


Trade Board Advertising

This is a favorite for manufacturers and wholesalers. The trade boards get millions of visitors per day.

Resource Sites Like Alibaba

Squeeze Pages

The use of squeeze pages is a top priority for savvy Internet marketers. They use it whether they sell on eBay or sell through any other gateway.

This is an extremely important marketing process that you should understand and implement.


EBay As A Loss Leader

Savvy Internet marketers do not use eBay to make money. They use eBay to gather e-mail addresses for their e-mail marketing programs. They learned to use eBay as a loss leader.

These marketers using eBay as a loss leader include suppliers to whom you might go to my product or to join their drop shipping program.

Not only is it important that you consider using this technique, you should understand it because it will be competition to you.


E-mail Marketing

E-mail makes money. You should know that by now just looking at the spam that you get in your e-mail box.

Legitimate e-mail sent to opt in lists makes more money. You should understand fully how to do it.

And you should include it in your own marketing template.

Resource Get Response

Postcard Marketing

This little marketing technique has so much potential and is such a money maker that it is rather interesting that so many people ignore it. Learn it and use it.


Affiliate Programs

If you have your own product that you are selling, then you should consider setting up an affiliate program to have other people sells for you.


Use this template in your marketing plan. Make an outline that includes each of the channels that are shown above and include information about how you will you use each of the channels.

If you choose not to use one of the channels, so market in your template. This is important because it keys you on recognizing what the marketing channel it is and what its opportunities are. And marking it in your marketing template shows that you have made a conscious decision to not use it.

Here is a link to a full-blown business planning guide that has this information already built in to its own marketing template. Business Planning Guide