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Medical Services Poland

About medical services in Poland and how to get medical help if you need it. Consider also reading Dental Services Poland.

Poland has some first rate medical services. As far as a tourist goes, ones attention should be primarily focused on the private services.


Emergency services are available to all on call. The Polish State Hospitals are obligated to treat any emergency situation regardless of whether the person has insurance or not. You will. however, be required to pay at the time you are discharged.

You should have travel insurance before you come to Poland. Here is a link to a service that you can use. Travel Insurance

There are large private services in each of the main cities. They will generally take walk ins.

You will also find may small private medical offices all over Poland at which doctors moonlight from their state hospital jobs. They also take walk ins. But the wait may be rather long.

When you get to Poland your hotel information package will usually have a booklet that has addresses of medical services.

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