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International Money Transfer To Poland

The import export process necessarily requires international money transfer. There are many ways that you can do that.

For your convenience, here is a list of common ways to transfer money internationally.

It is important to confirm with your factory representative the preferred method of transfer for that particular factory.

Transfer fees and the conversion rates offered by each of the services can and will make a big difference in the process. It is important to check and compare. And, as a matter of course, to factor those expenses into the cost of your goods.

When transferring money to Poland, you can check the daily currency conversion rates at the National Bank of Poland web site. These are the National Bank Rates. Every transfer service and money exchange service has its own conversion rates. The National Bank rates should, therefore, be considered little more than guidance and information about the conversion rate that you will be charged.



Convenient for smaller transactions. But not available in all locations.

Beyond that, not all factories accept PayPal. It is more of a consumer oriented service and not really geared for large international money transfers.

Bank Transfer

Perhaps this is the method most preferred by exporters. Because of the minimum transfer fee set by most banks, it can be relatively expensive for transferring small amounts of money. But for larger transactions, it is cost efficient. Additionally it is generally considered the safest transfer method.