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Natural Baltic Amber

This page discusses stocking natural baltic amber in a boutique or gift shop. It is added information from the page entitled Recommended Products For Gift Shops And Boutiques

Natural Baltic Amber is a low cost product that turns over well. It is easy to display.

Here is information about Natural Baltic Amber.

Hand made necklaces made of Natural Baltic Amber are the fastest movers.

The simple single strand amber necklaces are most popular. The more intricate multi-strand and woven pieces dress up your display and can be sold at a higher price. But for an initial inventory, get a collection of the single strand pieces.

Jewelry shops in Poland hang the necklaces on boards or suspend them from simple curtain rods. Customers can't miss them when they hang out like that.

The cost per kilogram is low. The markup is good. And since it is easy to ship amber jewelry by UPS, the reorder time is short. The order minimum is one kilogram.

Start with a of Natural Baltic Amber necklaces kilogram.

If you would like information about the most popular pieces and a general price list, send email to us using our Contact Form . It would be best were you to include your shipping address so we can help with shipping cost information.