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Natural Medicines From Eastern Europe

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Rock Salt Panel
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Eastern Europe has long history in using natural medicines. By reason of the natural resources that are indigenous to the region, the people of Eastern Europe were able to develop some natural cures that have worked for centuries and that continue to be used today.

The two primary sources resources that have been used as natural medicines are pure Baltic amber and rock salt crystal.

In relative terms, the use of rock salt crystal as a natural cure is well known outside Europe whereas the use of amber is virtually unknown.

AS far as salt goes, a huge international business has developed around Polish salt crystal lamps. They are the progeny of lamps that were used by miners who were sentenced to work in the salt mines. The prisoners of the salt mines noted the recuperative and health aspects of the salt that surrounded them. And today there is a major industry based on people coming to Poland to visit salt mines to be cured of their asthma and other ills. Perhaps the most famous mine is the Wieliczka mine.



And for amber, it is generally well known for its uniqueness and beauty when put into jewelry. But the people of Europe also know that amber is a particularly effective natural medicine.

In the 12 th century it was noted to be the most effective medicine. Albert the Great (1193-1280), a Dominican and a philosopher, identifies amber as the first among the six most effective medicines; succinum, ocastoreum, mors, camphor, tartarus, and aurum. Tinctures originating from the same period were based on beer, wine or water and were effective cures for stomach and rheumatic aches. There are no records even vaguely suggesting any undesirable or harmful effect of amber.

In the 17 th century and was credited with saving people from the bubonic plague. The Prussian Priest Matthaus Praetorius recorded that in 1680, "During the plague not a single amberman from Gdansk, Klaipeda, Konigsberg or Liepaja died of the disease"

Today modern science has confirmed what the old European have known for centuries. Amber is an effective medicine and ineffective soothing agent. Now it is known why. See Amber Acid

Europeans are very straight forward about the use of amber's benefits. For example, in pharmacies around europe you find natural Baltic amber baby teething necklaces. Amber Baby Teething Necklaces

And for that matter, necklaces on not only worn by babies for health purposes. Natural Baltic amber necklaces are used as natural medicines and cures by men and women alike. See Natural Baltic Necklaces For Health

You also find people using the very simple and popular amber tinctures for general health and as a natural cure. This is the same medicine that was used in the 12 th Century and classified as the most effective medicine.

Chinese herbalists know the importance of using natural Baltic amber in many of their medications and they buy amber directly from Poland to add to their natural and herbal medicine cures. They use amber in powder form.

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