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Floating Oil Lamps

Floating oil lmaps for oil or candles. This is a unique oil lamp to put in your pond.

Floating oil lamps can be left to drift or they can be anchored. They can be fitted with oil containers or can be lit with candles.

pond floater

These are lighted, floating globes with oil containers. The oil container comes with the globe. You can use the oil or change the container for a candle. The globes have an odd shape that makes them sit properly in the water. Click on the picture for more detail.

They can also be used as free standing oil lamps to be placed on a table or placed on a patio or on the ground around a yard.

At the top right is a picture of a pond floater. It can also be hung from shrubbery. These can be anchored or allowed to float with the oil lamps.

These oil lamps are colorful and add atmosphere to any outside event.

They are available wholesale only.









floating oil lamp 2
01 Oil Lamp
and Globe Lamp
floating oil lamp 1
01 Globe Lamp
with metal holder
oil container


Sizes and codes:
Oil Lamp: 4.8" - code FG-MM
Globe Lamp: 8" - code FG-M
9 colors as presented on gazing globes

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