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Oil Lamps For Outdoor Use

The oil lamps in this page are designed for outdoor use. They can put on your patio, in your pond, in your swimming pool or on the lawn.

oil sphere lamp

The lamps are made by a small factory near Krosno, Poland. They are glass that is colored using a unique process of fusing colored glass pellets to the underlying globe. What that means is that a colored globe is heated to near melt and rolled in a mixture of colored glass pellets. The pellets fuse to the globe. The globe is reheated and the pellets melt across the globe.

In the end, no two lamps are the same. They have a general overall color, but each casts its own hue.

oil lamp 9oil lamp 10oil lamp 11 oil lamp 12
oil lamp oil lamp 2

Oil Spheres These oil lamps are some of our fastest moving items. They are often used to line walkways and borders. They are sturdy little things that you can put anywhere. On a wall, in a rock garden or in corners. If you are interested in something versatile and useful, this lamp is a good choice.

Size and code:
4.8" - code OL
9 colors

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Globe Lamps These lamps come with a metal insert that holds an oil container or a candle. All lamps are shipped with an oil container with a wick. You can see the insert in the pictures of the floating lamps. The stand is not included.


oil lamp 6oil lamp 5
oil lamp8 oil lamp 7
Sizes and codes:
8" - code GL-M
10" - code GL
9 colors as presented on gazing globes

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Floating Oil Lamps and Globe Lamps oil lamp 4 oil lamp 3 These are lighted, floating globes with oil containers. The oil container comes with the globe. You can use the oil or change the container for a candle. The globes have an odd shape that makes them sit properly in the water. Click on the picture for more detail.


Sizes and codes:
Oil Lamp: 4.8" - code FG-MM
Globe Lamp: 8" - code FG-M
9 colors as presented on gazing globes

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