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Online Store

How to start your own online store using a couple different formats.

You don't have to have inventory. All that you have to do is choose the format of your store, add products that can be drop shipped and then promote it.

You have many options for your own online store. In this tutorial we will show you what we have chosen to do and why we made each choice.

You do not have to have technical knowedge to get online. You just need patience to work through the steps.

At the bottom of this page are a couple reference guides that you can get on Amazon. They will take you through the process step by step.

To make it easier yet, click on the blue book cover to the right and you will be taken to a step by step process to get started.


Online Store Option One

Most people who are just starting should set up a free online store just to get the feel of what it takes to start store online. But there is a more important reason to do it. You can make a small fortune with one if you promote it correctly.

And remember, we do not have any inventory. All that we have to do is promote it.

Setting up a store like that is very easy. You do not have to be a computer tech to do this. Just go to Amazon and become and Associate. Follow the instructions.

It is that simple. And it is free.

Then set up a website based on a free wordpress content management system ( often called a blog system ) and add the products.

That is all that there is too it.


Online Store Option Two

If you use the Amazon system to sell, you are limited to products that they have in their system. If you want to sell something else that you do not see in Amazon, then you will need a store with a shopping cart system.

The choice of savy marketers is to use a Yahoo store and to market it by putting it in the Yahoo shopping network.

Yahoo has an excellent support network and tutorial system. Once again you do not have to have technical knowledge to work through the process.


Tips And Hints

Do not use a Yahoo Store until you have experience. It is just a bit to complex until you know the ropes.


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