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Best Online Stores

The best online stores for you to use to make an online store that is effective and that will make you money.

amazon store set up

This Chamber recommends that if you are going to sell hard goods online, you use a Yahoo Store.

There are many reasons that we make that recommendation.

Here is a list of them.

Before you start, however, if this is your first business, and the product is available on Amazon, we recommend strongly that you take a different approach and set up something much less complex.

Yahoo stores are excellent for those who have the necessary experience with product choice and marketing on the internet. If you do not have that experience, you are probably best to set up an amazon store to start. Use the image to the right to learn about your own amazon store.


Yahoo is a brand name and by associating with that company you give a boost to your own brand.

The back office support of a Yahoo store is second to none.

You can set up a coupon marketing program that will increase your sales.

You can set up an affiliate marketing program that will also increase your sales.

You can track your visitors to and through the store.

You get a free domain name.

There are no front end costs and high setup fees. You pay a low monthly fee for everything.

The setup costs and monthly maintenance fees for a year when you use a Yahoo store are less than the costs of just what you would pay for a shopping cart in many other systems.

You do not have to hire a web page designer to get into business.

You do not have to have any programming skills whatsoever. Included is a system that makes it very easy for you to set up your store very quickly.

You get free e-mail addresses that use your domain name.

Included in the package is an inventory system that allows you to track your own inventory.

You get discounts when using the services of other essential advertising and promotion services that you will eventually use when you get everything set and ready to go.

In all, Yahoo stores are inexpensive, efficient, and allow you to concentrate on promoting, selling, and making money.

For information about how much it costs to set one up and to run it, go to Costs To Set Up An Online Store

Information about setting one up can be found at Setting Up A Yahoo Store