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Online Stores And Promotion

The importance of and promotion of your online store.

The terrible fact of the internet is that more than 98% of online retailers fail.

Let's put that another way. It means that you have less than a 2% chance of succeeding in your business and that there is a 98% chance of you losing your money and having wasted a lot of time.

You may have a product, but if you have no plan, no process and poor tools you are probably among the 98% of the future.

What you should do is to learn what the 2% who succeed do that the others don't. And then do it.

In short order you will find that many are using established systems. They get marketing support, traffic, training and the latest technology. They are always up to date.

Learn from their experiences.

Simply stated, you will have a higher chance at succeeding if you use an established system to set up your online business. Established systems give you a plan, process and good tools. In the long run such systems are less expensive to set up and maintain. And the promotion and training help that you get are extremely valuable free additions.

If you are just starting out there is no way you can become a marketing expert fast enough to compete. You need as much of the process laid out for you and, where possible, done for you. You have to focus on selling.

Most people start out by selling through web sites or auctions hard goods such as table top items, jewelry, glass, crystal that others are making thousands of dollars per month selling on line. But they, unlike the experienced few, fail miserably.

Unfortunately most of the time they fail before they start. They just to not prepare well and spend their time and money in the wrong places.

Drop Shipping On A Budget

We are in the business of promoting the sale of Polish products. We want you to succeed. So we put a lot of effort into trying to help people avoid failure. As part of that effort, we recommend that you look at the SiteSell business system. It has a lot to offer and can get you started right. And it offers a lot of good free information.

You can learn a lot about what it is really like to do business on the web just by reading their promotional materials. To make it easy for you we have chosen some relevant links to what we consider informative materials that will shed a lot of light on what you will have to do to succeed.

Read through them to see what they say about selling on the web and what it takes to be successful. Get a sense of what we mean when we talk about a plan, process and tools. Pay particular attention to the case studies.

Hope that this helps.


About Selling Hardgoods - This is particularly important for anyone who is considering drop shipping. It is a hardgoods business and you have to approach it correctly.

Case Studies - Here are some case studies that should give you some ideas.

A Video Tour - This gives you an overview of the entire system and what it can do for you.