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Ordering Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornament companies in Poland start shipping ornaments for the upcoming Christmas in January.

They take most of their orders for the a Christmas season at trade shows in Europe and from buyers representatives before the end of February. In fact, they take many of their orders in September of the previous year. In other words, large buyers order as much as 16 months in advance.

So the Christmas ornament factories have their production schedules fairly well fixed by the end of June.

Any orders for Christmas Ornaments after June are taken on a fill in basis only. They may not have room for new orders. And some will only consider orders for a full container load.

You can order after June. But your order may not be accepted. If it is accepted, you may have to wait 90 to 120 days before it is ready to be shipped.

There is one caveat.

After June the factories will have extra ornaments in stock which ornaments are production overruns from large orders. They sell these ornaments to walk-in customers. That, for the most part, includes companies in Poland buying for their own shops and procurement agents who are making last minute buys for their clients.

If you order after July, you are likely only to be offered what is in stock. You may have no choice to get anything but what is in stock.

What you get from stock is actually the best product that the companies have. It is that which the major buyers found as best selling ornaments. In reality, the major buyers have done the market research for you. They know what sells and they ordered it. You don't have to take a chance on your market research. What is there is generally what sells well.

There are two general ways to get these orders from stock. Visit the factory or use a procurement service.

And in any case, if you are going to order less than a full container load of Christmas ornaments, it is best to use a Christmas ornament procurment service.

Information about visiting factories is here. Factory Visit

Information about using a Christmas ornament procurement service is here. Christmas Ornament Procurement