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Outsourcing Jobs

About outsourcing jobs and production.

There are two aspects to outsourcing.

One is the outsourcing of services and the other production.

Outsourcing services is particularly beneficial to online business operations. By doing so, a business can build a team or experts as well as get one off help and do it at competitive rates.


Outsourcing Service Requirements

There are several portals that connect workers and employers. One particularly popular portal is Odesk that you find under this link.

Here is a recommended approach:

1. Sign up for the free job posting service at odesk.

2. Search contracts using keywords related to the job you intend to offer. Use the results to build your own keywords list.

3. Read some of the biographies of some of the outsource workers - called by odesk, contractors. Just get a feel for what some of the contractors are offering.

4. Set up a brief job description using the “post a job” feature. Use some of the keywords from the keyword list that you developed in step 2.

5. You will likely get many tens, if not hundreds of responses to your offer.

To narrow down the field to the better candidates add in the job offer a link to a simple video that tells them to provide a link to an example of the work that they have done related to your offer, to briefly explain how they feel about the work that you are offering and what their experience is related to this kind of work

By putting up the video you confirm that they have an internet connection good enough to see a video, it confirms that they understand spoken English, and they must respond with something other than a copy and paste response that could have been written by anyone. You might even consider having them make a video response.

6. Eliminate - immediately and without question - all those who do not follow the instructions.

7. Review the responses, previous employer feedback and other information that odesk provides you.

8. Give them a simple task to be performed as part of the application process. Narrow down your list by requesting a simple task be performed in their application response.


Hire the most experienced, most qualified and least expensive worker you can find.

For more advanced training on hiring workers from other countries, as well as access to pre-screened and highly qualified workers, please check out the resources offered by John Jonas. He’s my “go to” expert on all things related to outsourcing. Here’s a link to his site:

But do first look here so that you understand the process. Click on this link.


Outsourcing Production Requirements.


Practically speaking, it is best to use a project management service. To do otherwise in will likely lead to frustration, long delays and project failure.

The reasons are many, but in short, this Chamber receives hundreds of requests for contacts to factories to have new products designed. The factories report the similar activity.

Most requests are ignored due to lack of specificity, no market data, and incomplete information.

If you hire a project management service, your request is more likely to get attention from a factory. It shows commitment on your part.

Likewise, if you are outsourcing a project for manufacturing, a project manager will act on your behalf. You will have a representative on the ground looking after your interests.

For complete information about what services and be provided for you in your particular situation, complete the form at this link and describe basically what you want. Be sure to indicate it is for outsourcing or new product development.

We will respond with personalized information.