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Your own store on line can improve your business on line and off line.

Your own store online is an essential part of any businesses public relations and sales program. It can make the difference between success and failure. Savvy internet marketeers have their own stores in different places on the web. Some stores offer many products while others work in a niche market. The adjust their stores to the market demand and the type buyers in certain market segments.

This tutorial introduces you to a variety of on line stores on the web and provides editorial information about them. Use it to get information about your own store. In other tutorials we give you information about how to make your own store perform for you.

If you are just starting a business, at the bottom of this page are several tutorials to which you should consider subscribing. They have a lot of good material that you can use.


Your own store on line:

  • Acts as your web site

  • Acts as your on line catalog

  • Increases your credibility

  • Increases the number of products that you can sell without having to have inventory

  • Increases your customer base in your off line store

  • Increases your income


How To Choose A Store That Suites Your Needs

There are three basic approaches to setting up your own store. And your choice of those three depends on several factors.

Regardless of which store you set up, you need customers. So much of your decision should be based on how you intend to get customers.

Setting Up A Store In With An Aggregator

If you put your store where the customers are, you will save a lot of time and effort. And that is easy to do. Just use the store facilities that you find at major shopping points that attract millions of customers per day.

These aggregators have systems that somewhat constrain you and that cost you monthly fees. But these costs are offset by the customers that visit your store. They do the advertising for you. You get on line fast and easy.

These are the best places to start. Each of these sites gets millions of visitors per day and you will get your share.

EBay Store - This is a very popular option. eBay gets huge traffic and it is growing all the time.

Amazon Store - They get mixed reviews from people. But do look to compare.

An Independent Store

Critical to your success getting clients to your store. You can have the greatest products in the world but if you do not have customers you will not sell anything. So we recommend strongly that you go with a store that is part of a network.

Over 98 percent of the people who start internet businesses fail. Experience shows that people who work with networked systems have a higher rate of success.

Rather than spending your time here, we recommend that you go to this link and review the information provided there. Build A Site