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7 Marketplaces for Selling Handmade Goods - that Aren't Etsy

Places where you can sell your handmade good at a good profit.

1. ArtFire

ArtFire not only provides a venue for artists to market their wares and consumers to buy handmade goods, it is a community where creative minds can gather to discuss latest trends, techniques and upcoming events.  ArtFire even offers the option to post a “wanted” ad for a custom-made product if buyers can’t find what they’re looking for — which is great for sellers who can turn projects around quickly.


2. DaWanda

International and local artists unite with DaWanda, an online handmade marketplace based in Germany. DaWanda has a site which is English-based site, but there is also a DaWanda France and a DaWanda Germany. The website is easy to use, and both the buying and selling process are straightforward – just be sure to notice that all prices are listed in Euros.


3. Craft Is Art

Opened in 2009, Craft Is Art has since changed their business plan to focus on handmade items and their seller platform has exploded. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, most of the sellers and buyers are from the United States, but the marketplace is able to service many European countries as well.


4. Zibbet

Zibbet has three different membership plans for sellers: Free, Starter or Pro. Zibbet claims the best deal is the Pro plan, which includes site analytics, unlimited free listings, total customization of your shop, the ability to create coupon codes and gift guide exposure. The basic plan, which is free, has several helpful options as well, so if you are just starting out, start with the free basic plan and then upgrading later.


5. ShopHandmade

ShopHandmade is all about being green. Not only does this handmade marketplace promote living handmade and reusing craft supplies, but for every sale made they pay to protect 25 square feet of the rainforest.  ShopHandmade is a completely free marketplace for seller, which means you can list and sell handmade items without paying a list fee or a commission; however, because the site is free, seller features are very limited.


6. MadeitMyself

For sellers familiar with other handmade marketplaces, the setup of will look very similar, but it does have some features that sets it apart from the rest. It has a common fee schedule, with taking three percent of any sales, but it doesn’t charge a listing fee. As a seller, you can also promote your shop through customized coupon codes, a personal storefront and a shop widget that can easily be embedded into your blog.


7. Bonanza

Heavily focused on higher-end clothing and fashion, U.S.-based Bonanza has just 25,000 registered businesses. But its 4 million listed items put its total inventory at about a third the size of Etsy. That’s good news for shoppers, who have endless options for great handmade goods…but will require a bit of effort on the part of sellers looking to stand out from the crowd.



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