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Where you can find English language news about Poland in text and video.

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There is no shortage of good English language news and information about Poland.

The major decision point is to decide what is the most convenient mechanism for you to use to get the type news that you want.

There are news channels are specialized and economic matters and those that present the offbeat.

And then you can get such specialty items as the daily weather report and forecast via YouTube that not only gives you weather map but also some pictorial coverage of the country so that you can see what is going on beyond what the forecaster says by giving you a graph.



It also publishes a weekly newsletter which selected articles covering many topics, once again of interest to the traveling business person and person involved in international trade.

There is also a Google News service channel is published by the Poland business website. That information you can access by subscribing to the Google News service for Poland. Also See News

For offbeat news, read the European news review. There you find things that you would not find anywhere else in a news aggregation service. Enr and Outlook

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