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Poland Road Maps

About road maps for Poland and how to get them. Included is a video review of recommended road maps.

Poland is upgrading roads and we'll be upgrading roads by adding new roads over the next few years. So when you buy a roadmap of Poland you will find something common to all of them. And that is, for the most part, that issue by will likely be out of date.

There is no doubt that there is no shortage of roadmaps. You can find roadmaps online and off-line and many road atlas is to be bought at the various e-commerce sites.

Perhaps the most accurate roadmaps online are the Polish versions because they are local and they put a lot of work into attracting local visitors by being accurate.

But as someone just passing through or touring Poland, you really need something useful that you can hold in your hand.



Even the GPS maps tend to be out of date as the new roads come online.

And most notable is the fact that it is the large roads that are changing and it is a large roads that most people follow on the GPS maps. This can be very confusing.

In spite of this warning that roadmaps will probably be outdated, we recommend strongly that even if you travel a GPS you have a handheld map with you that you can use the plan ahead. If nothing else when you're GPS starts to have an electronic nervous breakdown when a new road appears in front of you and you follow the new road rather than following the GPS corrections, you can rely on your paper map to assure yourself that you've not done something that you would regret.

We recommend strongly did you get a road atlas such as Poland highways and byways.

But there are other options for roadmaps and here are some videos related to various roadmaps that you can get.



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