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This page describes how the Free Information And Trade Help service works for you. Additionally it contains the important terms of service related to the Poland Trade help services.

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How The Poland Trade Help Service Works

When you complete the form at Free Information And Trade Help, we review the information. Some of the information we keep totally private. And some is sent to factories.

The following is sent to factories and suppliers - located in Poland - that we know of that might be interested in providing you what you need. Country Product/Service Required Quintiles Company Description .

To protect you from spam they are not sent any contact information. If they are interested in your offer, they will contact us and give us the specific contact name, email and phone number of the person in their firm that you should contact. We will send you that information. You are on your own from there.

Because email is not always the most efficient way to be sure information is delivered, Country Product/Service Required Quantities, Company Description are posted in our Private Trade Board . Companies interested contact us directly. We ask for the information that you will need to contact them.

It Is Totally Private - Neither your email nor any of your contact data is revealed to any third parties. We will have to contact you by email or phone to communicate with you to either give you information or get details necessary to serve you. You are not added to spam lists.

There is No Obligation - There is no obligation whatsoever for you to buy anything, be put on mailing lists (other than to agree that we can contact you to help you with your request), to receive offers to buy or pay this Chamber any fee or commission.

Procurement Service - You have the option to use one of the private procurement services which services will, on your request, assist you with your project. You will be provided information about them.

Offers To Sell And Squeeze Pages - You will not be forced into "squeeze pages" that require you to give email addresses, complete surveys or any other obnoxious demand in order to get this service.

Confirmation - After you complete this form and send us information, we want to be sure that it was you who actually sent us the information and not some computer program or some scammer. To do that you will be sent an email that asks you to click on a link in that email. By clicking on that link, you confirm to our system that you in fact sent the information and that you want us to go forward with processing your request.