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Poland Train Travel

This page is about train travel in Poland.

Trains are the first choice for travel by many people in Poland. They are fast, efficient and safe.

interciy train travel in Poland

We advise using the trains instead of the roads. Traveling the Polish roads is a chore, and unsafe, for two reasons. One is because many of the roads are difficult to use and the other is because of the horrible driving habits of many of the Polish drivers. See Polish Roads.

There are several different train systems in Poland.

There are EuroCity Trains.

There are Intercity Trains

There are Regional Trains

And there are different types of commuter trains and train lines.

Generally the equipment used on the railroads is modern, safe and clean. Here is a video to the rail stock that you can see in Warsaw along with a description of the various types of train systems.

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You can buy tickets online only for the EuroCity and Intercity trains. All other train tickets must be bought at a ticket office in Poland.

You can ride some of the trains using the same tickets that you use for the metro, bus and tram lines.

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