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Poland Travel Tips

Safety and convenience travel tips for enjoying your travel to and in Poland.

Prior planning always helps. Everyone knows that. But at the same time, there are some typical gaps in most travel plans.

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Buy maps of the regions you expect to visit before you leave. Study those maps and mark them up with notes and references such as web site addresses that you can find easily when you get in country. Here are some helpful maps. Poland City Maps

For information about visiting Warsaw, go to Visting Warsaw.

Use YouTube to your advantage to get a feel for the country as much as you can to find information.

Do not carry cash, use ATM machines and your credit cards. See information about Currency Exchange Rates when using ATM Machines.


If you are going to be driving, read the information about Polish Roads.

In all cases read the Poland Travel Tips about how to avoid pickpockets. Actually, this applies to travel anywhere in the world. Click on avoid pickpockets.

Save money on hotel rates by using a Poland based online hotel reservation system. Using such a system you can get some significant discounts.

We do hope that this Poland Travel Tips Page has helped.

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