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Poland Weather Forecast

This page lists the places that you can get the weather forecasts for Poland.

polish weather
Polish Weather

If you are interested in general about what the weather for a given month will be, there are a series of videos showing the weather conditions in Poland for each month of the year. You can find them at Poland Weather In

There is also a daily video posted that shows the weather on any particular day. You can find the latest daily video on Polish Weather in the Outlook.

The Polish Government maintains a weather service that publishes a continually updated 36 hour forecast for the entire county. It is well laid out and easy to use. The service also provides a lot more in depth information. Here is the link to IMGW

As compared to the weather systems that come across the county, Poland is small. So even though you look at the Polish weather map, it is almost like looking at local weather. as such if one is interested in getting much more than a 36 hour forecast, one has to go to one of the larger new services that provides an overview of European weather.

CNN provides a good weather service that will do that for you. Here is a link to CNN. It is defaulted to Warsaw mainly because Warsaw is generally a point of entry for many people.

It is important that you do take the time to understand what the general weather conditions in the country will be for any given time of the year. The forecasts can be deceptive because the Polish weather often presents some interesting and different deviations from the norm.

When traveling to Poland, you should forecast your clothing requirements based on what the typical weather for the season is but modified by your perusal of current weather conditions.

so once again we refer you to this link that contains video about typical weather in Poland so that you can actually create your own realistic forecast. Poland Weather In

In short, look out the window and don't believe the weatherman.



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